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UP 4000 Series
Spec Sheets UP4061 (.PDF 536 K)
UP4121 (.PDF 536 K)
UP4161 (.PDF 536 K)
Instruction Manual UP 4000 Series (.PDF 536 K)
Quick Start Guides UP4000 Series (.PDF 153 K)
Brochure 4000 Series (.PDF 1.7 MB)
AM 4000 Series
Spec Sheets AM4060 (.PDF 488 K)
AM4120 (.PDF 492 K)
AM4160 (.PDF 492 K)
Quick Start Guides AM4000 Series (.PDF 230 K)
Instruction Manual AM4000 Series (.PDF 612 K)
Brochure 4000 Series (.PDF 1.7 MB)
Sound Pallete
Spec Sheets SP2400 (.PDF 500 K)
Quick Start Guides SP2400 (.PDF 910 K)
SP-41R Remote (.PDF 182 K)
SP-DSP1 DSP Card (.PDF 152 K)
Instruction Manual SP2400 All (.PDF 1.9 MB)
SP2400 Part 1 (.PDF 910 K)
SP2400 Part 2 (.PDF 1.1 MB)
Brochure Sound Palette (.PDF 1.41 MB)
Software SP Linker Software (.ZIP 6.1 MB)
CAD file SP2400 CAD file (.DXF 3 MB)
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DX8 & DX•10e
Spec Sheets DX8 Spec Sheet (.PDF 2 MB)
DX8 Serial Communication Specification (.PDF 200 K)
DX•10e Spec Sheet (.PDF 853 K)

DX•10e Serial Communication Specification (.PDF 166 K)
Quick Start Guides DX8 Quick Start Guide (.PDF 228 K)
DX8 RVC Quick Start Guide (.PDF 228 K)
DX8 SW4 Quick Start Guide (.PDF 182 K)
DX•10e Quick Start Guide (.PDF 1.38 MB)
Instruction Manual DX8 Instruction Manual -All (.PDF 3.0 MB)
DX8 Manual 1 of 3 (.PDF 956K)
DX8 Manual 2 of 3 (.PDF 956K)
DX8 Manual 3 of 3 (.PDF 1.2MB)
Brochure DX8 Brochure (.PDF 1.89 MB)
Software DX•10e v.2.06 Software Update (.PKT 130 K)
DX•10e v.2.06 Update Instructions (.TXT)
DX8 Control Software (.ZIP 1.34 MB)

Updater Intructions (.TXT)

Crestron/DX8 Control Software
(.EXE 156 K)
CAD file DX8 CAD file (.DXF 3.1 MB)
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Art Series
Spec Sheets ART200A (.PDF 716 K)
ART300 (.PDF 736 K)
ART300A (.PDF 764 K)
ART500 (.PDF 740 K)
ART500A (.PDF 700 K)
Quick Start Guides ART200A (.PDF 228 K)
ART300 (.PDF 228 K)
ART300A (.PDF 273 K)
ART500 (.PDF 182 K)
ART500A (.PDF 228 K)
Brochure Art Series (.PDF 1.43 MB)

Discontinued Art Series Products

ART200AM Spec Sheet (.PDF 1.66 MB)
ART200AM Quick Start Guide (.PDF 297 K)

ART400A Spec Sheet (.PDF 1.47 MB)
ART400A Quick Start Guide (.PDF 201 K)

Monitor Series
Spec Sheets MR3STK/W (.PDF 676 K)
MR4T/W (.PDF 652 K)
MR5S/W (.PDF 748 K)
MR6T/W (.PDF 708 K)
MR8/W (.PDF 744 K)
Quick Start Guides MR3STK/W (.PDF 228 K)
MR4/W (.PDF 107 K)
MR4T/W (.PDF 132 K)
MR5S/W (.PDF 137 K)
MR6T/W (.PDF 137 K)
MR8/W (.PDF 137 K)
Brochure Monitor Series (1.47 MB)

Discontinued Monitor Series Products

MSW4 Spec Sheet (.PDF 393 K)

MSW8 Spec Sheet (.PDF 421 K)

Sound Pallete Series
Spec Sheets SP300/W (.PDF 644 K)
SP400/W (.PDF 736 K)
SP800S/W (.PDF 464 K)
Quick Start Guides SP300/W (.PDF 137 K)
SP400/W (.PDF 137 K)
SP800S/W (.PDF 137 K)
Brochure Sound Palette (.PDF 1.41 MB)
Vision Series
Spec Sheets

PACX81/W (.PDF 768 K)
PA261 (.PDF 696 K)
PA281 (.PDF 692 K)
PA121 (.PDF 700 K)
PA151 (.PDF 752 K)
PA152 (.PDF 716 K)
PA180SW (.PDF 576 K)

Quick Start Guide PATX60 (.PDF 154 K)
Brochure Vision Series (.PDF 1.33 MB)

List of Accessories (.PDF 168K)


The catalog.lsp file is a catalog of currently available EASE data for Mackie Industrial loudspeaker systems. EASE 2.1 format.

The text file contents.txt lists the specific loudspeakers included in the EASE catalog.

.PDF Downloads require Adobe Acrobat© Reader Version 4.05b or greater.