DX Series: The DX
10e Expander for the DX8.

Add the new DX•10e expansion hardware/software kit to the Mackie DX8, and you have a whole rack full of problem-solving gear in a single 2 RU component.

The DX•10e delivers true 8x10 matrix mixing, 3-band swept EQ, gates and compressors on each input plus
1/3-octave graphic and 5-band parametric EQ, compressors, delays and crossovers on each output.

All functions are individually programmable through an intuitive graphic user interface that offers unmatched usability and zero learning curve.

Powerful Mixing

  • true 8x10 matrix mixing
  • gain control at each crosspoint
  • direct access to crosspoint gain
  • mute and solo functions
  • graphic and numeric gain indicators
  • input and output metering

Extensive Signal Processing

  • 10 1/3-octave graphic EQs
  • 10 five-band parameteric EQs
  • 10 audio delay lines
  • 18 compressors
  • 8 input gates
  • 10 crossover filters
  • 3-band swept EQ on each input

Versatile Control

  • 32 control groups
  • 32 presets
  • 32 mute groups
  • 10 logic inputs and 10 outputs
  • wired eremites, PC and control systems
  • dual RS232 control ports

To fully appreciate the power and flexibility we’ve brought to the DX8, download the free demo software

This software is a DEMO version of the full DX•10e PC application v1.14. It is completely fully featured, except that on-line mode is disabled meaning that you cannot communicate with a DX8/DX•10e unit. Off-line mode is fully functional, including file store and load – allowing you to save any configurations you create.

To install demo software:
First download the file DX10DEMO.ZIP (1.6 MB) to a temporary location (e.g. your desktop).
Extract the contents of the file to a temporary folder (e.g. C:\Temp).
Find the program SETUP.EXE in that folder and run it by double-clicking on it.
Follow the instructions given by the installation program.
Enjoy the software!
Note: The software is for Windows based PCs (tested with Windows98 and Windows2000).

Other downloads:

DX•10e v.2.06 Software Update (.PKT - 130 K)
DX•10e Update Instructions (.TXT)

DX•10e Quick Start Guide
(.PDF - 1.5 MB)
DX•10e Spec Sheet (.PDF - 1.04 MB)
DX•10e Serial Communication Specification (.PDF -166 K)

Downloads require Adobe Acrobat© Reader Version 4.05b or greater.

DX•10e Expander card installed in the DX8


DX•10e software interface screen with main mix window selected

DX•10e Installation Video
Small - 120 x 90 (.mov 1.7 MB)
Large - 320 x 240 (.mov 7.3 MB)