Version 3.0 Software adds:

  • True Room combining capability (up to 16 combinations)
  • Program Select function from remotes, logic inputs or through the GUI
  • Variable transition rates between presets (user defined)
  • Expanded Parametric EQ to 8-bands per output
  • Added Bessel alignment to revised crossover windows
  • Mute/Enable logic for each Input, Output and Group
  • Two new password security levels
  • Direct access to individual processors from the processing indicator window
  • Expanded Remote Control capabilities
  • Expanded Logic Input and Output features
  • Faster Up/Downloads to and from the host PC
  • Several graphics enhancements

Digital Solutions: DX810

The DX810 is a full-featured Matrix Mixer and processor that will change the way you specify, design and build installed sound systems. It delivers true 8 x10 mixing, 3-band swept EQ, gates and compressors on each input plus 1/3-octave graphic and 8-band parametric EQ, delays and crossovers on each input. All functions are individually programmable through an intuitive graphical user interface that offers unmatched usability and zero learning curve.

It's time to think again.

If you only considered using DSP processors for your largest and most complex projects, it's time to think again. The DX810's combination of features and performance puts it at par with processors costing thousands of dollars more.

DX810 features:

Powerful Mixing

  • True 8 x 10 matrix mixing
  • Mute and Solo functions
  • Input and output metering

Versatile Control

  • 32 Control and Mute Groups
  • 24 Presets
  • 10 logic Inputs and Outputs
  • Wired remotes, PC and control systems
  • Dual RS232 control ports
  • Multi-level security and access rights

Extensive Processing

  • 10 1/3-octave graphic EQs
  • 10 eight-band parametric EQs
  • 10 audio delay lines
  • 18 Compressors
  •   8 input Gates
  • 10 Crossover Filters

The DX8 with DX10e Expander Installed

DX10e Expander and back panel of DX8

DX•10e Software Screen, with Main Mix Selected

DX810 Software Downloads:
Free DX•10e demo software Download DX•10e v.2.06 Software Update (.PKT - 130 K)
DX•10e Update Instructions (.TXT)

DX810 Document Downloads:
Spec Sheet (.PDF 1.9 M)
Instruction Manual (.PDF2.5 M)
Instruction Manual Part 1(.PDF1.4M)
Instruction Manual Part 2(.PDF1.1M)
Quick Start Guide (.PDF1.8K)