SP400C Ceiling Monitor Features:

  • Waveguide-loaded neodymium HF transducer
  • 6.5-inch LF driver
  • Integrated mounting system
  • Built-in switchable High-Pass crossover
  • 30 watt, 70/100V transformer built in
  • 16-ohm setting
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • UL/cUL/CE Listed


Studio technology in the ceiling
The SP400C ceiling monitor employs a logorithmic waveguide instead of a conventional coaxial design, therby delivering uniform response over a wider area.

Spec Sheet (.PDF 843 k)
Manual (.PDF 621 k)

Monitor-quality sound in the ceiling. That's why we call the new SP400C a ceiling monitor. Wide frequency response, combined with controlled dispersion give the SP400C many of the same characteristics as a quality studio monitor speaker. By using technology employed in our industry standard HR Active Monitors, we have developed a ceiling-mounted speaker that delivers performance that is more comparable to a studio monitor than a typical ceiling speaker.

SP400CWider dispersion means a larger "sweet spot." Lots of speakers sound good when you're seated directly below, but the sound changes dramatically as you move off-axis.  The SP400C employs a unique high-frequency waveguide, originally developed for our studio monitors, that extends coverage to 110° at 8kHz.  The result is noticeably better sound throughout a larger area of coverage.

Extremely versatile. The SP400C features a true 2-way crossover for linear phase response and accurate reproduction. It also includes a switchable 150Hz high-pass crossover network that allows the SP400C to function as a satellite speaker when used with the SP800S subwoofer, or as a full-range speaker when used alone.

The end result: Better response, greater intelligibility and wider coverage across all frequencies make the SP400C your preferred choice for quality Foreground and Reinforcement applications.