Sound Palette


The Innovations:

  • Sophisticated sound control for non technical users
  • Dual zone control with built in amplification
  • Expandable control up to 32 zones
  • Integrated design provides easy installation
  • Affordable one box solution for business music systems
  • Ambient noise sensing level control for page mic and BGM
  • Optional remote controls with full front panel replication
  • Several versatile speaker models including subwoofer with exlclusive distributed crossover network

Sound Palette Family

SP300/W Coaxial Speaker
SP400/W Compact CD Speaker
SP800S/SW 70/100 Volt Subwoofer
SP1200 Single-Zone Controller/Amplifier
SP2400 Dual-Zone Controller/Amplifier
SP-41R Remote Switch and Volume Controller for the SP1200/SP2400
SP-DSP1 Ambient Noise-Sensing Digital Signal Processor for the SP1200/SP2400

Sound Palette is far more than the latest in electronics and speaker technology.  As the name implies, Sound Palette offers a range of options designed to work together and deliver precisely the acoustic results demanded by your premises and clientele.  Three key innovations combined with over 50 years of speaker design and manufacturing expertise allow Sound Palette systems to be configured to your exact needs.  The microprocessor-driven SP2400 Controller/Amplifier, the unique Distributed High-Pass Topology™ of the SP300 and SP400 speakers, and the revolutionary new SP800S Compact Subwoofer combine to bring a new level of quality and flexibility to sound systems for business.
 The SP2400 Controller/Amplifier lies at the heart of each Sound Palette system; a professional sound management and amplification system that is as easy to operate as your home stereo receiver.  Intelligent enough to crossfade gently between the 4 input sources at the touch of a single button.  Sophisticated enough to maintain the same volume level between CD, Tape, TV/VCR/DVD audio or nearly any sound source.  Need to make an announcement?  The SP2400 will automatically lower the music level, and restore it after the announcement in such a way that’s pleasing to the ear.  Add the optional noise sensing microphone and the SP2400 will manage the volume of the paging microphone automatically.
The SP2400 offers two independent zones of source control and amplification, each with 200 watts of amplifier power.  While both zones share the 4 input music sources they maintain separate microphone inputs and control over music selection and volume level.  The expandable architecture allows the interconnection of up to 8 SP2400s for a total of 16 zones, all sharing the same 4 input sources.  No other product offers this level of flexibility and integration.
Sound Palette SP300 and SP400 speakers are designed to be used either alone as full-range systems, or in a system with SP800S subwoofers.  Built-in switchable crossovers allow individual configuration of speakers without the restriction of running speaker wires to the subwoofer as in other systems.  Greater flexibility in system configuration allows your authorized Mackie Industrial Sound Palette dealer to design a system that meets your exact needs.  Sound Palette is your key to better sound for business.